Partial Hospitalization

The BridgeWay’s partial hospitalization program serves as a bridge for providers who hope to offer people extra structure and skills to help with stabilization during a difficult time. Likewise, this program serves as a bridge for adults, allowing them an additional framework of support in a nurturing environment. The program is often an effective transition from inpatient care.

Although not as structured as inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization is a short-term program for stabilizing mental health symptoms that have significantly gotten worse and are affecting safety or daily functioning. While the treatment plan is based on each person and payer source, patients are expected to attend daily sessions lasting up to 6 hours, and lunch is provided at no charge.

Designed to stabilize the symptoms affecting one’s mental health, partial hospitalization is available to adults, ages 18 and older including seniors, who are too ill to attend traditional outpatient therapy, but do not require inpatient hospitalization. This program helps to reduce symptoms so that people may resume functioning and be more successful in an outpatient treatment. Also, for those adults who have been hospitalized, this program helps patients make a smoother transition back into the community.

Program Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:45AM to 2:45PM, and the length of stay is one to four weeks.